Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry In Ojai, CA

Many dental procedures can be performed without needles or numbness


 What is Laser Dentistry?

It uses laser-energized water to safely perform dental procedures. The laser energy is produced by combining a spray of atomized water with laser energy. The energized water gently and precisely removes a wide range of human tissue including tooth enamel and soft tissue (gum) without heat or vibration. Since there is no heat or vibration the laser reduces the need for needles and anesthesia. The laser can make cavity preparations, numb teeth and gums and remove soft tissue without needles or numb feeling. It can also help relieve painful canker sores and accelerate their healing.


What are the benefits of laser Dentistry?

 No needles or numbness in most cases.

(kids won’t chew their lip and can eat right away)

The laser’s pinpoint accuracy precisely allows Dr. Watson to leave as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Gently performs numerous soft tissue (gum) procedures with little or no bleeding.


What procedures can be performed with the laser? 

                * aids in removal of decay         * cavity preparations

                * gum recontouring;* soft tissue procedures

* relieve painful canker sores and accelerate their healing


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